We're ready to go!  The plans are approved and the bids are out.  God has brought tremendous growth to NBC.  We've tripled our average attendance in the last 18 months and specifically added many new kids and young families.  It has confirmed our God-given priority to reach the next generation.   Our new facility will include a gym, an indoor playcenter, lots of creatively-designed rooms, and space for community activities.  We'll also have a new spacious lobby with a café and kitchen, places to sit and connect, and an expanded worship center.  CLICK HERE to find out how you can participate!   


Family is a word you'll hear a lot around New Beginnings.  It's a term that, if you grew up in a strong one, you know the love that it provides.  If you grew up in a fractured one, you probably want to see how a healthy one functions.  That's what I've found NBC to be—a healthy, strong, loving family.  And the excitement and energy around here is at full volume, because so many people are accepting the open invitation to join our family.  You're invited too—regardless of your background, your past choices or your present circumstances.

We stick to the Bible for our answers (not religion, not culture).  We keep Jesus Christ at the center of our worship (not our opinions, not our preferences).  And we do life together, because good families help each other out.  I hope you'll join us! 

Pastor Drew Price

Upcoming EVENTs

Check out these upcoming events at NBC!  For more details, check out our EVENTS PAGE

  • Prayer for the Youth Mission Trip

    The youth group going on the Guatemala mission trip gave out all of their prayer baseball cards. If you did not get them, CLICK HERE, to see each youth. Thank you for praying for each of them by name!

  • february prayer focus

    During the month of February, we will be getting together each weekday from 12:00pm to 12:45pm to pray for our pastors, our Kids & Youth Center, our leaders and our vision to reach the Shenandoah Valley for Christ.  Join us for elder-led prayer Monday through Friday at the church.

  • Child Dedication

    On April 7th we will have a child dedication. If you want to dedicate your child to the Lord, contact CYNTHIA.

  • put our Church APP on your phone!

    Within the app, there's a church photo directory, a sermon archive, a link to all our events and ministry opportunities, and a place for prayer requests.  You'll also be able to register for our events right from the app.  To download the app, if you have an iPhone, CLICK HERE.  If you have an Android phone, CLICK HERE.

  • Adventure Days Kids CAMP - save the date!

    Adventure Days is our amazing kids camp.  It's for kids 5-years-old through 5th grade and it's packed with wild fun, wacky games, wise teaching, and wonderful friendships!  Save the dates for 2024: June 24-28, 9am to noon every day.

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