The drawings are here!  The design is preliminary... but moving toward completion!  We're excited to unveil the look of our brand new Kids & Youth Center.  It includes a gym, lots of rooms and space for all the new kids and young families who are coming to NBC, an indoor playcenter, and a unique and creative rally room for elementary age kids.  The link to our old facility includes a large and spacious lobby for connecting before and after services, larger restrooms, a new & expanded kitchen, and a café.  More details to come!  CLICK HERE to look at the interior layout.   


Family is a word you'll hear a lot around New Beginnings.  It's a term that, if you grew up in a strong one, you know the love that it provides.  If you grew up in a fractured one, you probably want to see how a healthy one functions.  That's what I've found NBC to be—a healthy, strong, loving family.  And the excitement and energy around here is at full volume, because so many people are accepting the open invitation to join our family.  You're invited too—regardless of your background, your past choices or your present circumstances.

We stick to the Bible for our answers (not religion, not culture).  We keep Jesus Christ at the center of our worship (not our opinions, not our preferences).  And we do life together, because good families help each other out.  I hope you'll join us! 

Pastor Drew Price

Upcoming EVENTs

Check out these upcoming events at NBC! For more, check out our Events page.

  • all aboard kids camp

    July 10-14, 9am-Noon. A wildly fun and exciting day camp for kids 4 yrs.-8th grade. Campers will learn foundational values and build incredible friendships!! Each camper will receive an official 2023 All Aboard Camp T-shirt, so be sure to select the size needed for each. The cost is $50 for the first camper and $25 each for the 2nd and 3rd camper. All additional campers are free! So, sign up the whole family today!

    Sign up here if you are available to volunteer!

  • baptism service

    Sunday, August 6, 12pm. Baptism is an outward expression of an inward faith in Jesus. As believers, we obey the words of Jesus and are publicly baptized. We are immersed in water, which represents our old life going away, and then brought up out of the water, which represents the new life that God has given us. Baptisms are a big celebration at NBC because they're a vivid demonstration of a great truth, that God can and does transform our life! If you are ready to take the next step in your spiritual journey, sign up here or contact Pastor Scott for more information.

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