Family is a word you'll hear a lot around New Beginnings.  It's a term that, if you grew up in a strong one, you know the acceptance and love that it provides.  If you grew up in a fractured family, you're probably searching for a healthy one.  That's what I've found NBC to be --- a healthy, strong, loving family.  It's a bond that stays strong because, even though we all have different experiences in life, we're all moving in the same direction --- toward Jesus Christ.  And the excitement and energy around here is turned up to full volume because so many people are accepting our invitation to join our family.  You're invited too!

Pastor Drew Price

Upcoming EVENTs

Check out these upcoming events at NBC!

  • Peanut butter families sermon series

    How sticky is your family? What makes a Peanut Butter Family?  Ask another family to join you to learn the answers in this hearty 5-part series.  From Part 1, here's the DATE NIGHT TOP 40.

  • High School Youth Fishing Event

    High School Youth are going fishin'! Grab your pole and dig some worms! Wednesday, April 21 @ 5:30 PM. Contact Ben & Karen Bast for more information.

  • Men's cornhole tournament

    Let the games begin.  Saturday, May 1 at 2:00 PM at the church.  REGISTER HERE.

  • 1st Annual nbc young families olympics

    Sunday, May 23

    YOUNG FAMILIES, bring your family, side dish, lawn chairs, your friends and your competitive edge! Hot dogs and drinks provided after 2nd service. Events start at 12:45 PM on the church grounds. Register here by May 10th. Contact Jennie Carr for more information.

  • Plugging In Workshop

    Sunday, May 23 3:00-6:00 PM

    Many people who visit us ask, "How do I become a member?"  We call our members "partners" after how the Apostle Paul addressed his co-workers in the gospel. If you'd like to become a partner, register here for our PLUGGING IN workshop. It explains our vision, explores the essentials of the Christian faith, and helps you identity your purpose and role in the Body of Christ. This will be a single-session, 3-hour workshop and includes dinner and free childcare. For more information email

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