serving others

We call our serving ministry - BEAUTIFUL FEET - because the Bible says in Isaiah 52:7 and Romans 10:15: "Beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news."  As we serve others, we are excited to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to our church family, to our local community, nationally and internationally.  Where's your footprint?  CONTACT US and join a Beautiful Feet team. 


    Whether it's praying for specific needs, providing meals, helping with automotive or household repairs, running errands when someone's in the hospital, or celebrating a special event in someone's life, we can't wait for our next opportunity to serve someone within our church family!


    When we see a need in our local community, we do our best to fill it.  Maybe there's a opportunity to serve where churches don't normally serve.  We love it when we encounter people who are surprised that a church is helping out.  Who knows?  We might even change people's perspective of Jesus followers!  We also like to work through local organizations who are good at what they do, so we support AVAcare, Blue Ridge Christian School, East Gate Ministries, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Greater Hope Ministries, Habitat For Humanity, Kingsway Prison Ministry, Salvation Army, Valley Family Forum, Weekday Religious Education, and Young Life.


    When we serve beyond our borders, we get to see how big our God is.  It's amazing!  So, we do that in a variety of ways, supporting national and international organizations like Wingfield Ministries, BLAST Ministries, Nicaragua Missions, Shalom Is My Home, and Virginia Mennonite Missions.  We support long-term missionaries like Steve & Laura Green in Italy and send out short-term mission teams on an annual basis to deliver God's good news and help people with their physical and spiritual needs.

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