How's your fuel tank?

We're praying for you to be so refreshed tonight that you will be more hyper than a room full of pre-schoolers! Well, maybe not that hyper.

But seriously, we are praying for you! You have been utterly amazing, and we are truly blessed and grateful. As you pray for our final day of camp, remember that Friday's theme is Ultimate Love, a concept that can be hard from some kids to grasp. Pray hard and love even harder.

Plan to stay after camp tomorrow for our appreciation lunch. Chef Joe is coming to grill some hot dogs and hamburgers, and you'll have the opportunity to share your most memorable camp moment. While Joe's getting lunch ready for the 12:45 meal, plan to help us de-construct camp. What took us over a week to set up, needs to be taken apart and organized in about 30 minutes. (Maybe Laura should serve Red Bull with breakfast.) It goes without saying that we need every available set of hands.

We can't say it enough, WE APPRECIATE YOU!!


NBC Kids Camp Staff

P.S. - Lunch will be for your kiddos, too.