We're so thankful that most people who visit NBC are eager to plug-in and becomes members.  We call our members "partners" after how the Apostle Paul addresses his co-workers in the gospel (2 Corinthians 8:23; Philippians 1:5; Philemon 1:6-7).  If you'd like to become a partner, register below for our PLUGGING IN workshop.  It's offered several times a year and explains our vision, explores the essentials of the Christian faith, and helps you identity your role in the Body of Christ.  You also get to connect with other people fairly new to NBC.  The workshop is 3 hours long and includes dinner and free childcare.  

Everyone who completes the workshop and signs our Partnership Covenant receives an invitation to become a partner at NBC.  While we're a family that is open to all people seeking God or seeking truth, partners are those who 1) affirm their faith in Jesus Christ, 2) agree with NBC's vision and shared beliefs, and 3) actively engage in their role as part of our church family.  Those who occupy teaching and leadership roles at NBC are partners. 

The remaining dates that the workshop is offered in 2021 are:

May 23

September 19