In 1999, several families got together because they were looking for a church that wasn't about religion or adhering to a set of rules written from the headquarters of some large church conglomeration.  They wanted a church that was Bible-believing, Christ-centered, and met the needs of the local community.  And from those meetings New Beginnings Church was born.

the beginning of new beginnings

In October of 1999, our first public services were held at Mount Crawford Ruritan Hall.  It wasn't long before a larger place was needed, and in December of 1999 we moved to Turner Ashby High School in Bridgewater.  Apparently, NBC hit a nerve in the community.  Many people were interested in a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching, Christ-centered church that functioned as a family, not an organization.  And as the people kept coming, it was clear that we needed our own site.

construction begins

Early in 2008, the designs for a new facility at 101 Pike Church Road came together.

The land was purchased, the permits were secured, and construction began.

Needless to say, it was an exciting time for our church.   As the foundation was poured,

as the walls went up, as the rooms took shape, we continued to pray that this new home

would be a place where God was honored, where families were strengthened, and where

people from all over the Shenandoah Valley could come, feel welcomed, and hear the

good news of Jesus Christ.  On May 3, 2009 we held our first service in our new facility.

it's not about the building

It never has been.  It's just brick and mortar.  It's just a gathering place.  What matters is the people who God leads through those doors.  And throughout the years God has blessed us beyond our imagination with people from all different backgrounds and all different experiences who desire to come together as one... one body moving in the same direction... toward our Lord Jesus Christ.  That's New Beginnings Church.