Charlie and his wife, Debbie, have been attending NBC since 2015.  Charlie was born and raised in Bally, PA.  He enjoyed growing up in a small town.  After high school, Charlie worked several years as a machinist, later going into management.  He married his sweetheart Deb.  They have two beautiful daughters (Kara and Allie) and five fantastic grandchildren --- Albon, Lillie, Phoebe, Hope and Paul.  Twenty-three years ago, Charlie, Deb and his two daughters (Kara and Allie) moved to Harrisonburg, VA.  This was a leap of faith moving away from family into an entirely new area, but the Lord has been faithful!  Charlie currently works for Select Aerospace Industries as a COO.  He enjoys traveling and spending time with family.  Growing up near the Philly area, Charlie is a huge Philadelphia Sports Fan.